What is he doing ?
If you don't know, then maybe you've never been fit properly before. Or maybe you've never been to The Walk Shop® before. Because at The Walk Shop, every customer gets fit properly by a well trained expert with years of shoe fitting experience. In addition, our sales staff can work with all types of foot problems; whether it's accommodating an orthotic, or working around bunions and hammertoes. We can help you with your foot problems and fit problems. So how do we make sure that you're fit correctly? Let us show you...
Step 1
As Maury Kershaw, the father in the father and son team that opened the store more than 40 years ago, used to explain to new salespeople, "The only way you're going to figure out if a shoe fits is if you get down there and check it yourself, to feel how the foot sits inside the shoe. You can't just ask someone, 'Well, how does it feel to you?', because the reason they came in here in the first place is to get an expert's opinion, and that expert is you." And this is how we do it.
Step 2
There are several important steps in properly fitting an individual. It begins with measuring both feet (1, 2). It is a rare individual who has two feet that are exactly the same size, and it is important to accommodate the larger foot, if there is one, to ensure a comfortable fit. The foot is measured for length (both overall length and the length from the heel to the ball of the foot) and width, and at this time the salesperson gets a chance to inspect the foot up close for any additional factors that may need to be taken into account.
Step 3
Once the shoes are selected it is important for the salesperson to put the shoe on the customer's foot (3). This helps the salesperson spot any initial trouble, like if the shoe is too narrow or too wide. This saves time wasted on trying shoes that obviously aren't going to work. Once the shoe is on, the salesperson will get down and check the fit at several places on the foot (4, 5, 6). Once she is satisfied that the fit is acceptable, the customer will be asked to take a walk on our hard wood floor to give the shoes a test drive.
Step 4
Is this the kind of service you usually receive when you're buying shoes elsewhere? If not, you could be wasting money on shoes that look and feel nice in the store but end up sitting in the back of your closet because they pinch your toes, slip in the heel, cause blisters, etc.
Step 5
Every satisfiedurday morning an hour before the store opens, our staff gathers to hear a presentation by an expert in some aspect of the shoe business. The meeting might feature a podiatrist explaining how to help customers with special needs, a senior staff member sharpening the staffs fitting skills, or a manufacturer's representative discussing the technical features of a new shoe line. This ongoing education program is just one part of our effort to ensure that you receive knowledgeable, friendly assistance that meets all of your needs.
Step 6
We've been in the shoe business for four generations. We know how important it is to fit you with a shoe that will give you years of comfort, function, and style. We want to make the process of buying shoes an enjoyable one, so that you might remember us fondly each time you slip into a pair of our shoes.